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Website Consultants London Questions And Answers

To follow are some website consultants london questions and answers that are frequently asked. And also, if you do have any questions go to this contact page and fill out the contact form.

Which Platforms Do You Use To Build A Website?

WordPress is a very good option to build websites in for small and large businesses. The search engines love wordpress. Businesses can benefit from having a non-wordpress website converted by a programmer to the platform and is encouraged to do so.

So How Do I Get Higher Rankings In Search?

In the UK google is the search engine to get high rankings on. And also this is done by using SEO best practices. The google algorithm takes into account 200 different factors to rank a website. Ranking factors include: website build, blog posting, mobile friendly and backlinks. A backlink needs to be done correctly as if done badly can destroy a websites ranking and be lost forever.

Which Social Networks Do You Recommend Using?

The social media networks you need depends on your business. These include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and youtube. In addition, the social media network used depends on the needs of the business. For example, a restaurant would be great on facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Social media is used to get your business out there to build your brand.

I Cant Find My Website On Google – Where Is It?

A website lost – this maybe due to many areas including: A new website that has not been setup on google webmaster and not found by google. Because a penalty has been given by google! And a  penalty is given by using bad practices these include questionable back linking. Once a website has been given a penalty it maybe the best choice to start the website all over again.

 How Do I Get Backlinks For My Website?

There are a number of ways to get quality backlinks. For example, your business is advertised on an online directory. And the backlink means a website pointing a link to your site and the links need to be relevant to your business. In addition, quality backlinks are essential for your business to be found in google.

Do I Need A Blog And What Are Blog Posts?

Blogs are good to get your business out there, and the posts are optimised for keywords relevant to your business. The more quality blog posts the better for natural search engine rankings. A blog post is an article optimised for ranking, containing relevant information about the business. Furthermore, if using a blog, a post needs to be posted at least once every two weeks, Ideally every day.

Do Your Websites Work On Mobile?

Yes, all our websites are compatible with other devices. Mobile friendly websites are crucial to search engine optimisation. With mobile traffic increasing all the time we believe all websites have to be usable on mobile.

Can I Catch My Website Visitor’s Details?

An opt in can be added to a website. Furthermore, the opt-in is a form on your website that gives an offer to your visitors of something tempting. This encourages them to enter their name and email address. Once the details are collected an email can be sent out offering further offers at your business.

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